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In 2007 I was in search of a gas fire pit after huge complaints from family and neighbors that the smoke from my old school fire pit had to go and the search began.

I was able to find what I thought a decent but expensive propane fire pit from a local BBQ store. The assistant was not much help, didn’t explain btu’s and he didnt’ turn on the unit for me to have a hands on experience. He assured me that 40,000 BTU’s would be plenty. I purchased this fire pit on sale for $1800 then they wanted $100 to assemble and $100 to deliver which I decided against it, since I had paid twice as much as my budget allowed. After some 2 hours and 120 screws and bolts I finally got it working. But to my dismay this fire pit was way too tall with the propane tank inside. I barely got heat to my upper chest, needless to say I was so flabbergasted and called and complained. After returning that unit I felt with my low couch what I need was a low profile fire table so I can feel the heat from my legs to my head. I didn’t find anything out on the market place like that so I fabricated my very first low profile unit at a fraction of the cost what I had paid from the BBQ Store. After showing friends and family my new custom unit, they all wanted me to build them one too. I had 5 orders and wasn’t even trying to start a business but as things progressed and used some online advertising I was getting people from as far as San Francisco to San Diego to purchase my new fire pit tables. I figured I had something going so I went one step further began advertising HB Fire Pits and Fireplaces on Main St. during the Surf City Nights Street Fair “Every Tuesday Night from 5-9 pm”  in 2009.  I really became engulfed with my new adventure to learn as much as possible and the help people with their search as I did years prior. Now we have served over 1000 customers just as a small family business and we ship all around the nation and now the world. We had a customer in Saudi Arabia and New Zealand, so it’s official and we are now  global.

Now it is my goal to help those in need to find the perfect fire experience with our custom gas fire pits or customizing their fireplace and mantle in their home. I can only say thank you to all the folks from HB and every where else that has support this amazing journey.

Hope to see you soon

Vinni D. Fireguy



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36″ Low Profile Slate Fire Table

So I just want to say thank you for your support with Huntington Beach Fire Pits and Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

Vinni D. Fireguy




“Smokeless ECO GREEN Fire Pits, Portable & Affordable”